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Human Evolution on Trial – Contents/ Finding Your Way Around

Human Evolution on Trial – Contents/Finding Your Way Around

This contents list will help anybody interested understand the thread of logic that runs through this case. Not all chapters are up yet but I don't think there's any hurry. I'm more than happy to argue with anyone who wishes to. And, of course, I'm more than happy to hear from you if you're able to improve the defence case, or even just agree with it.

Human Evolution on Trial - 'Human Star - The Last Point'

And scroll down to “Summing Up”.


Part I – Beginning

Conception Order, The Prosecution, The Defence, Me, You, The Chinese Drover’s Very Clever Dog

Chromosomes and DNA Y-chromosome, Nuclear DNA, Dominant and Recessive Genes, Mitochondrial DNA

The Human Star Geography, A Map, The White Man, A Cline, Altitude

Pedigrees Ancestry, Populations, Selection

Mythconceptions Oral History, Science, Ancient Myths, Modern Myths

Part II - Migration

Change New Zealand, Destruction, Tribes, Galapagos Finches, Variation Through Space, Variation Through Time, European Migration

Hybrid Vigour and Inbreeding Hybrid Vigour, Inbreeding, Wave Theory of Evolution, Survival

Eastern Polynesia Polynesian Languages, Islands, Marginal Polynesia, Easter Island

Polynesian Origins Language Families, Genes, Societies, Taiwan, Japan, Na-Dene

Pacific Population The Canoe, Hoabinhian, Mixing, Lapita, The Sail

Indo-Europeans Indo-European Languages, The Chariot, Mingling, Slavic, Celtic, History

Part III - Knowledge

Time A Short History of the Earth

Long Ago Geology, Continental Drift, The Horse

Species Kinds, Difference, Labels, Ecology

Evolution Purpose? Ecological Speciation, Hybrids, Punctuated Equilibrium, Geographic Speciation, Ruminants, The Human Influence

Extinctions What Have We Done? How Did We Do It? The Results

Part IV - Wandering

The First Point Origin, Australopithecus, Homo habilis, Caucasus Population

Technology Lower Paleolithic, Middle Paleolithic, Upper Paleoloithic, Progress

First Humans Homo erectus, Expansion, Subspecies?

Species or Not Homo heidelbergensis, East Asian Point, Australian Point, Both of Them

Neanderthals et al Two From One, Climate, Aurignacian and Mousterian, Superiority

MtEve The Trees, The Branches, Interpretation, Mungo Man

Part V - Conquest

Out of Africa The Middle East, Cro-Magnon, Genes Again, Asia

Into Australia The Dreamtime, Wallace’s Line, Kow Swamp, Indo-Pacific and Pama-Nyungan, Explanation, More Evidence

Culture Languages, Families, Europe, Religion, Evolution of a Religion, Wave Theory of Knowledge

North to Alaska The Ice Age, The Gravettian, The First Americans, Genetic Evidence, Later Migrations, Eurasiatic, Neighbours

The Last Point Islands Again, Pottery, The Western End, The Eastern End, Dating, Gene Flow, The Sea People, Phoenician Friends, Summing Up

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